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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Amy doesn't live here Jared

A phone conversation i just had went like this: Me, hello? Bill Collector, this phone call is for Amy ______. if this is Amy ____ please press 1. If you need to put this call on hold to allow Amy ___ time to come to the phone press 2. If Amy ___ does not live at this residence but you know how to contact Amy ___ press 3. If you do not know Amy ___ and would like to have your number removed from our calling list please press 4. So i press 4 and Jared answers the phone and calls me Amy ___. I tell him "Now listen to me closely, i pressed 4 to be removed from your calling list, i don't know Amy , she has never lived here and this is a fairly new number to us, REMOVE ....MY .... NUMBER ....FROM ....YOUR ....CALLING LIST!! a pause and the middle eastern Jared stammers a bit and says, I am sorry i will remove your number from our list, thank you Ma'am!! ...............

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FCC forwards LPFM/translator proceeding

The Federal Communications Commission didn’t bother waiting around for its March Open Meeting to convene before releasing its latest notification on implementing the Local Community Radio Act. LPFM promoter Prometheus Radio Project called the FCC’s two new report and orders and one new further notice of proposed rulemaking a victory. Read the full report article here.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Who knows where we’ll be tomorrow.

We only know today

And what the future will bring us

None of us can say

So drink up while you can, you may not get another chance

When you’re dead, you’ll wish you had danced.

 Blarney Rebel Band- You'll Wish You Had Danced Station Sampler - Rock 1053 FM by Barry A. Sallade

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Storm claims lives

Watch great coverage of the storms that ripped through Kentucky communities Friday evening on WKYT-TV 27 Newsfirst. WKYT - Home Central Kentucky's Online News Leader - Breaking News, Weather, and Sports from Central Kentucky Includes damage to communities in Laurel County , home of Rock 105.3 FM