Amy doesn't live here Jared

A phone conversation i just had went like this: Me, hello? Bill Collector, this phone call is for Amy ______. if this is Amy ____ please press 1. If you need to put this call on hold to allow Amy ___ time to come to the phone press 2. If Amy ___ does not live at this residence but you know how to contact Amy ___ press 3. If you do not know Amy ___ and would like to have your number removed from our calling list please press 4. So i press 4 and Jared answers the phone and calls me Amy ___. I tell him "Now listen to me closely, i pressed 4 to be removed from your calling list, i don't know Amy , she has never lived here and this is a fairly new number to us, REMOVE ....MY .... NUMBER ....FROM ....YOUR ....CALLING LIST!! a pause and the middle eastern Jared stammers a bit and says, I am sorry i will remove your number from our list, thank you Ma'am!! ...............


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