It is amazing how mouthy people can be these days, forget about elders, they don't exist. In fact elders get zero respect these days.

Never mind that older folks have more experience, more life experience than todays youth, if anything these young mouthy punks should be begging for adults to impart their wisdom on them so they have a chance to make something of themselves in the future.

Parents are not immune to the mouthy kids of todays society, kids say what ever they want and expect to get away with  it. Why?

Because society has been brainwashed into believing they are deserving of everything without working for it, without proving their worth.
You can't get a high paying dream job without proving to a prospective employer that you did indeed gain real experience in the field you are striving to make a living in.  (so many youth today get things handed to them and expect that to happen all of their lives, even into adulthood.)

So you can't exactly wing it or pretend you are the all wise and all seeing guru of a particular field without really actually knowing what you're getting yourself into. And yet there are people on this Earth that believe they are born knowing everything because they weren't taught otherwise.  It's not like you can tell the employer to hire you because you are really really good at pretending that you know everything. (again, it won't be handed to you "no strings attached")

Truth is, you don't know as much as you pretend to know and when a real situation rears it's ugly head, others will be looking to you to have all the answers, they will be expecting you to save the day because you managed to pretend long enough to convince the other sheeple that you know what you are doing.

The fact of the matter is, no one owes you a dam thing in this life.
You have to earn things, especially when you reach adulthood, nothing worth having is going to be haded to you for free.

Same thing goes for parents and their children, your parents only owe you their wisdom, their time, love and understanding. They don't owe you a car, a house, your dream job, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, that expensive laptop or phone.

......the author was getting aggravated with himself and this blog...
To be continued


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