Getting back to basics

There are millions of ways to use the internet to promote your cause, Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo Groups, A website, Streaming, Advertisements and so on.

None of the methods mentioned above are as spontaneous as a Blog like this one here at At any time day or night I can post whatever is on my mind or share a video, music or links without worrying about the Facebook police removing it or some cry baby reporting something I post here just because they live a sheltered life.

Sure you can do that up to a certain point on Facebook or Myspace but sooner or later some pansy gets their pantys in a wad and spams the report abuse button and FB content police remove the offending posts without even giving you a chance to defend your self

This blog will reflect my own thoughts, you can keep up with station events and programming and of course, leave a comment. Become a follower today and feel free to listen using the player on the right.
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