Loud as you wanna be

So everyone has been exposed to the loud boom cars, you know the cars driven by 19 to 30 somethings with high powered stereos and more speakers than a Kiss concert.

They drive around town vibrating their trunks and assaulting your ears with something they call rap ( basically a rapper is someone who can't sing in my opinion ) the bass these stereo systems produce also cause heart problems, deafness and irritation to anyone sitting in or around the car/truck. (read this article for autistic children)

Okay so maybe I shouldn't pick on Rap music in general, but 90% of the time that is the first choice for the owners of these Boom Cars because of the over bassed tracks and lyrics. That's fine, if that is what your into.
But for the most part, the youth of today have not yet learned the value of respect but as i said it is not limited to youth, adults also have been guilty of driving these boomcars around town just to attract attention.

How do you concentrate on your driving? Can you hear a siren when a police car or ambulance is around you and needs to pass your or perhaps pull you over? I doubt that you can. Hell that ambulance might be on it's way to your friends house or perhaps a family member has had a heart attack, how would you feel if you found out you were the one that didn't hear the siren and caused the ambulance to arrive a few minutes too late? Would you care, or would your attitude be like it is when someone confronts you about disturbing the peace, "eh your just hatin' on my music" as you roll up and down the street blasting your bass the neighbors are calling the police.

I have had trouble with loud music here  around the Village. There have been a few new tenants move in since the November or December of 2010 who have no respect for others, i confronted one young man about this already, his response was to run back and fourth with his music blasting, another punk in a car does the same thing and to make it worse now a neighbor right across the street started blasting their music.

My wife could see their window vibrate on their home!. After putting up with this crap for a whole day every other hour and trying to comfort our 1 month old baby (there bass was so loud that the other end of our home was still affected) I decided we have had enough and I called 911 asking for a officer to come by my house and speak with me about the offenders. The officer could only offer to step up patrols around the Village and that i should speak with management about this problem. He also told me to call the police if this starts back up again.

I really hate wasting their ( London Police) time with something as mundane as loud music but as the officer stated, thats part of his job and he knows the rules for tenants in the Village and loud music is a no-no here.
In fact, enough complaints can get you kicked out of the Village.

So what does it take to get it into their heads that it isn't about the music they listen to or their character or race or even the fact they haven't grown up yet, that this is about disturbing others in a residential area, that others have the right to peace and quiet when in their own homes.
Most don't understand acoustics, most homes are affected by these boom cars, bass penetrates most building materials with the exception of brick and steel. Mobile homes are hit the worst, the thin skins of a mobile home is cheap vinyl or aluminum siding, the insulation is thin and the interior walls are well 1/4" or less of basically pressed cardboard.  Mobile homes are notorious for carrying bass tones because the building is so flimsy.

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  1. In my once idyllic SoCal neighborhood, it’s not rappers, and it’s not just the teens, and it’s not any particular minority. It’s also the 30- and 40-somethings. Not only that, the modified exhaust systems make the neighborhood sound more like a construction zone practically non-stop. The laws are virtually unenforceable and to add insult to injury, the families causing most of the problems are connected with the fire department and law enforcement and more often than not the officers that respond either claim they are unable to take action or end up looking for ways to make me feel singled out (such as the lie that it is illegal for me to operate a chainsaw to trim my trees on a Sunday – who knew Temple City Sheriffs enforce “blue laws”?).
    It’s been three years of torture trying to go through channels with little to show for it. I’m moving to another area though still in LA County Supr Mike Antonavich’s district with less density. There’s still clueless meatheads but the logistics have improved somewhat (except for tripling my commute distance downtown). Even in your vehicle on the commute itself they’ll invade your passenger compartment and eradicate your control over the space in your own vehicle.
    I’ll keep fighting them and work to improve legislation. If you have any ideas, write to StopSonicAssault[AT]yahoo.com.


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