Rock 95.7 FM will stop broadcasting on our present frequency after 4 years on the air.

But that's not the end of our Part 15 broadcasting career.
We are actually moving down the dial into the Non-Commercial Educational section of the FM band which can be found of course between 88.1–91.9 MHz in North America. Our move will be to 89.9 Mhz to avoid causing interference to 95.5 and 95.9 Mhz and to reduce interference from stations around 93.1 and 93.5 Mhz.

Rock 95.7 has been receiving interference from a 100,000 watt station on 95.5 fm as well as noise from around 93.1 fm. So to avoid complaints and protect our own interest it has been decided that we would move down the band and become Andromeda FM on 89.9 mhz.

The new format will be educational and informative with programs from, Are We Alone by as well as some fun programming from Pirates Week, The Shortwave Report and many more.

A new schedule will be posted here and on our new website which is under construction at this time.

Stay Tuned for more information.


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