Song Titles Not Updating

We have started back broadcasting online with

For a couple days now Rock 95.7 FM has been on the air and online at with little to no problems with the streaming.
That is until today. Apparently Edcast or Live365 was not updating song titles which prompted live365 to De-List our station.
I hate when that happens because it means our station is no longer listed as online and of course we lose listeners because they cannot find our station if it isn't listed. So to fix this minor but annoying problem I restarted the station computer, Zararadio, Edcast and the Live365 servers.

Well that seemed to fix things, songs are being updated the station is listed and all is right in the universe.
We hope you enjoy our broadcast online and over the airwaves.

You can find our stream here at, or

Until next post, Keep Rockin!


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