Now transmitting with Mobile Black Box V6000

Station upgrade, Mobile Black Box V6000 0-200mW 88 -108 Mhz

Well i known it's been touch n' go lately for me, i don't have a lot of time to post let alone the time to arrange playlists for broadcasting on a day-to-day basis. It has been crazy at my house lately and time is something that eludes me for some reason.
But i have had a little time to try out the Mobile Black Box V6000 Transmitter.
Let me first say that this is a great little transmitter as far as the looks, audio, 4 ways to power it and adjustable power output which is 0 to 200 mW.  The only downside i have seen so far is the antenna that comes with the MMB is electrically too short for any long distance broadcasting so that would have to be fixed with a real antenna , coax and SMA connector. But that will come later when i have more money to play radio with.
I set the transmitter down to 1 mW and to my surprise it covered my small lot pretty well. Now to try it at or around half power which would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 mW, i took a drive around the park and well it wasn't much better than my $9.00 dollar Scosche FM transmitter. It carried over 450 ft. but was not as solid as if i was running the Ramsey FM 25B. It does however sound a hellava lot better than the Ramsey as far as audio quality goes. And the MBB seems better filtered than the Ramsey.
I tried the MBB at 200 mW and it filled in some of the holes but was still not up to the task as a neighborhood broadcaster. This transmitter will definetly need a good outdoor fm antenna to cover more evenly our neighborhood and more.

All in all, the Mobile Black Box is awesome, I can't wait to see what will happen once i get it on a real antenna.

More Later


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