Biased Forums?

According to most part 15 oriented forums my part 15 fm station is practically a pirate operation. Unless your running a 100 mW AM FCC certified transmitter and ground system strictly by the book (part 15 rules) then your obviously a pirate fm.

Well to that i say ARRRRR! Mateys!! RF has a mind of it's own and i am sure the fcc took this into account when they wrote the rules for part 15. Even my $10 Schosche FM Modulator with no real antenna can go 1000 feet just plugged into a computer or mp3 player and it carries certification from the fcc. If i transmit more than 200 feet it is NOT because my station is blasting the airwaves with 100 watts and a high gain antenna. It is merely doing what RF was meant to do, Radiate!


  1. Yeah lol there are plenty of certified ramsey units putting out a watt and going a half mile a d i see supposed part 15 people putting up high antennas and 100 mw and going 2 miles. I myself use a 20 watt and 5/8th wave using 3.5 dbi


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