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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Antenna in the works

Been busy building a folded dipole for Rock 105.3 Mhz. The antenna itself is finished. Thanks to my wife Stephanie for helping me with the first stage of this project.
Second part of the antenna project requires some PVC pipe, glue and solder. and hanging the antenna up outside.
Fm Transmitting Antenna

The new TM-100 Clone antenna is finished. (pictured above)
First test of the new antenna, successful !! Loud & clear reception up to a mile in some directions a little less in others. Rock 105.3 fm is hitting it's target audience which is the mobile home park, apartments and the main highway behind us. Some more testing is planned but from what i have heard so far, i am impressed with TM 100 Clone Antenna.
TM - 100 Clone
Before TM - 100 Clone we were using a 5' flag pole

Just came back from buying milk and decided to cross I-75 going toward some subdivisions, nice signal there too at 1/2 mile.. past that i lost it due to a hill and several homes in between. The small truck stop close to the interstate always has drivers sitting in their trucks over night or just resting for an hour or so. Guess if they tune around on their radio's they might hit upon my signal and listen.

So it looks like this antenna is a keeper.
I was not expecting 1/2 mile range but this antenna delivered, Rock 105.3 FM be heard everywhere in the coverage map i placed above. The green circle on the outside should have been the fringe reception area but i underestimated this antenna. At just 14 feet high and only 25 mW of power the station does not sound like it is surrounded by hills and mobile homes, it actually covers the area i was targeting and then some.
Within our coverage area there are mini-malls, shopping centers, restaurants , doctors offices, a truck stop, motels and homes. Even if Rock 105.3 can't be heard inside the homes or businesses the fact that every one of those stores has a parking lot and are located on a busy Highway our little station has a huge potential for listeners.

All in all , i give the True Match 100 Clone FM Antenna a solid 9 on a scale from 1 to 10.
It would be a 10 or better if it were 30 feet higher in the open air.

  Miscellaneous parts:
pvc end caps, glue & cleaner for pvc, clamps, right angle pvc.
what is not listed is the 10 feet of 1 1/4 pvc pipe. Yeah i went with a lager sized pipe only because the area i live in is prone to strong winds and occasionally ice storms...yeah in Kentucky....unreal i know!
The inside parts of the antenna consisted of 1.vhf-fm dipole antenna from Radio Shack for $7 cut as close to 105 mhz .
1.vhf/uhf/fm  transformer,  it is a balun let's call it what it really is and why do they have to include uhf in there? The balun has one function and that is to convert 75 ohms to 300 ohms. At any rate that was about $3 i think it came with one that accepts spaded lugs and plugs into the back of a tv and another with two spaded lugs and a twist on F connector. I used the one with the twist on f connector and spaded lugs since i could drill a hole in the L shaped section of the antenna and slide the balun through the hole for connection to the coax.
And finally, 1. 20 foot section of cable-tv type RG-6 coax.

Assembly was easy but did involve some guess work, refer to Mike Yanceys web page for assembly details.

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