Destroy Tecktonic .... a sorry excuse of a VPS/Hosting company. Their customer "service" is piss poor at best! DO NOT buy any thing from these people! DO NOT register your domain name, DO NOT use them for VPS services, DO NOT use them to host your domain...DO NOT USE TEKTONIC.NET AT ALL! If enough people pull out and stop using this company, it will fold...shut down, go away, which means they will no longer be around to take your money and run! This company, when there is a customer service problem, they cop out and run, they say nothing can be done to resolve your issue. Well guess what TEKTONIC! The way to resolve the issue at this point is to drive you bums out of business!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone here, copy and paste this in every online forum, every facebook page, facebook group, email this to everyone you know. We are starting a campaign to BOYCOTT TEKTONIC and piss poor customer service providing companies! In the present state of the economy, the consumer should get what it pays for. If you do not get what you pay for, the company in question does NOT deserve to stay in business. Lets all ban together and say BYE BYE to TEKTONIC!!!!!!!!!!!


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