New Beginnings

Rock 105.3 FM is now 102.7 Busy FM in Busy Kentucky.

That's right, we have a new name and location, in fact we have a new frequency too.
We moved from London,Ky to Busy,Ky just north of Hazard.

And with the  move we needed a new frequency, 102.7 Mhz was chosen out of many empty frequencies. 102.5, 102.7 and 102.9 were vacant channels in our area so we chose 102.7 Mhz as a frequency guarded by two other vacant channels. (zip code 41723)

Sooner or later we may have to move to another channel as there are applications in front of the FCC for new LPFM radio stations to occupy 102.5 Mhz and 103.3 Mhz.  To avoid interfering with those station's we have chosen 88.1 Mhz which is vacant right now and we would not cause interference to any other radio station.

Currently we are testing on 88.1 to be sure that channel will work for us without too much trouble. So far so good.

The website found at WBAS-FM is currently under construction so that url will re-direct you to our Blog here at

We still play the best classic rock on the planet and great podcast's like Big Picture Science,
Blare On Air, Low Power Hour with Carl Blare of KDX and many many more.

You can contact the manager (that's me) or through our Facebook group page at
groups/Rock103.5/ . Your choice. 
As for streaming our station online that may happen again next year but we need to clear a few hurdles until we can make that happen.  Remember Busy FM is operated out of our own pocket and times are tough even when it comes to running a low low power hobby station such as ours.

So with that, we thank you for following us across the expanse of the World Wide Web.

Barry Sallade
Busy FM

Show Times are Eastern Time
Big Picture Science airs Mondays at 9 pm
Low Power Hour airs Mondays and Fridays at 10 pm


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