My Bad

Wow did i ever mess up!

When buying anything these day's be sure to double check it and read ALL of the print in the product description.

A few weeks ago i posted about going back in the CB Business. No i don't work on radio's, i am not running a CB radio "repair" shop. (thank god)

So i bought the materials to build a dipole antenna, a new radio and coaxial cable.
Problem is i didn't read the description on the box the coax came in from Radio Shack.
I bought RG-58 which is still 50 ohms but more suited for receivers like shortwave and scanners. DOH!!!

No wonder i had so much trouble with adjusting the SWR in that dipole, this cable was so bad i could move it around and watch the swr go from 1.1:1 to the Calibrate marking on the meter. GRRR!

So back to square 1. I will be looking online for some RG-213 or better.
Also after speaking with my landlord about where our property boundaries are, i learned that he owns all the way to the top of the hill directly behind our house. We rent. Cha-ching! I know where this dipole is going once i replace the coax.

Despite the minor set-back, I have noticed this mountain is in a hot dx spot. Not only did i hear stations from all over the United States, there were stations from Canada, the UK and Bahamas.

Yep this might be a great place for SSB after all.

73's Barry- 390 Chanel 38 LSB

Crap Coax

Stock Cobra 148 GTL AM/SSB
This image doesn't do this hill justice
 but that is where my antenna will go.

UPDATE: I bit the bullet and ordered some RG-213 online. Ugh only 100 feet but at the prices i saw i didn't want to spend more than i already have.


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