Are UFO sightings becoming more common?

I am noticing a lot more ufo sightings being reported in both 2013 and 2014.

Let's remember this, UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object meaning we see this object in the sky and it behaves oddly sometimes with no sound (from engines) it maneuvers unlike any aircraft known to man and has strange lights.

Now correct me if i am wrong, but if i was E.T. would i really want to attract that much attention with flashing lights and display gravity defying abilities? I think not. Why travel light years across space just to tease humans with a short display of acrobatics and then disappear?

I don't think i would even want my presence know in a world that is in constant turmoil.

Still there is something mysterious about these amazing flying wonders.
With that being said, here is a video my wife and i shot on 07/20/2014.
Yeah i was wrong with the date on the video, so abduct me....errmm no on second thought don't do that lol

Here is the raw footage and images :

Still photo 1 with what appears to be lights or some
kind of engines firing, But as usual, there was no sound.

Still photo 2 is a cropped version of the photo above.

Our story starts as a trip to the mom and pop store at the bottom of Coal Harbor Rd. outside of Hazard,Ky. As we left the store and made our way up Coal Harbor Rd. my wife noticed how pretty the sky was as the sun was setting. My wife had her camera with her and as we made it to the top of the hill she started taking pictures. Now living on a mountain has certain advantages and dis-advantages. One being that if you live on the top of the mountain you have an unobstructed view of the sky which means sunrise and sunsets are easy to see.

But for my wife and I that isn't possible, we live half way up the mountain and miss the sunrise/sunsets.
So anyway, i pulled over to a cleared spot by the road  close to Hal Rogers Parkway so that my wife can take clear pictures without the movement of the vehicle.

That's when we noticed the dark object in the sky moving towards us low in the sky, it made no sound and had some kind of yellow or copper colored lights below the dark oval shaped object. At first we figured this was a helicopter but as close as it was to us it should have made some noise.

We watched this for 3 minutes before the lights went out and the object appeared to be having trouble moving. It struggled with moving forward and turning and as it seems to float in the sky for a minute, the object finally starts to descend at a slow rate before disappearing behind a ridge.

This peaked our interest and my wife and I decided to search for the object or a crash site.
We of course found neither one and decided to head home.

Has anyone else in Perry County, Kentucky ever witnessed anything like this?
Did you see the same thing?

Let us know in the comments.


  1. And as usual, youtube processing messed up this video


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