It's been awhile

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything on this blog and i wish this time i had something that wasn't so dark to blog about. The truth is , things don't look so great for the inhabitants of planet Earth.

Folks I believe without a shadow of a doubt we are on the verge of World War 3 but I am not here to officially call it. That is the job of the U.N. Remember it takes 5 countries at war with one enemy to declare a world war.

Rumors are out now that the United Nations has officially declared WW3. So far, I cannot back up that claim as the cold hard truth. Trust your instincts, pay attention to your surroundings and watch for clues that something is terribly wrong with your world.

Take care of your family, know your friends.
All we have is each other, if you pray, pray hard and mean it.

We know without a doubt things are getting heated overseas and here in the homeland, one can only hope some miracle will save us from a 3rd World War.

However, that seems unlikely.  Television news is not to be trusted unless of course you like the media spin, then more power to you. The owners of this website and radio service however will not condone the actions of the uncivilized barbarians waging war on everyone who does not follow their beliefs and everyone who opposes ISIS is already marked as a target.

To the men and women of the US and Russian Military - We salute you. May your hand be steady and your aim true.

I miss the old world, back when I was young, life was good.
As we know there is no future in the past, we must continue to push forward.

We should try love and bury hate.
The War Is Over, if you want it to be.



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