It's too hot to be cheerful

But I am trying my best! Whew!

However the temperature isn't what i am blogging about, no I thought sharing a link to our new website would be better than bitching about the weather and I want our  visitors/followers to know we are eventually closing down the website at where we are pointing domain to.

I want a webserver i can have complete control of , just like my radio station.
So from now on you can visit the new website at and watch the new web pages take on a whole new look.

Also this blog will eventually close down as well, i just don't have the time for all these extras, so to all my friends and followers please make a note of it, i didn't abandon you, you can still find me on facebook or visit the stations facebook page at and let me know you followed me here.

If you're my ex wife, don't bother...


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