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Friday, October 21, 2016

New Group at Fakebook

We created a new group at facebook, Blue Bucket Radio 1620 AM.

Something that facebooks secutiry does that irritates me to no end is legit and safe url's or domains don't get the respect they deserve.

Take for example, that is our url/domain name that happens to be pointed to a free webhost which facebook say's is a dangerous website  but yet the url to this blog is kosher because it's owned by

Whatever! Visit our spam free safe for all audiences humble ass website at, we promise nothing bad will happen.

For what it's worth, I like Spam.

Barry of Blue Bucket Radio 1620 Am Busy,Ky

P.S. Mirror website also found at


  1. People at wastebook are left wing idiots like the one running for President ....yeah the idiot that deleted thousands of emails and is telling one lie after another. We have people high in the ranks at wastebook that is following and think like that pile if garbage. People who want to silence your freedom of speech and religion. So why would we expect how they run their "antisocial" media site to be any different. I run a legit site where I pay for my domain and that gets rejected too! As idiotic as it is, you just have to find ways to beat these socialist liberals at their own game. Ive done it and get great pleasure at beating them at their own game.Of course these days I spead very little time on wastebook. I check a few groups that I run on there and get out of drama, "lets try and brainwash peopleville" with their messed up algorithms and how they seem to suppress free thinking minded post and push their left wing agenda.

  2. Amen! You said it all Bob Carter.

    Side note here: I have mirrored Blue Bucket Radio's website at